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Over the years, I have served in a wide variety of professional and volunteer leadership roles, from a community food co-op board member to a language program coordinator and, in my current role, as a dean of a liberal arts and sciences division. In all of my leadership roles, I strive to inspire and support others and myself to develop personal characteristics and skills that enable us to perform well individually and in collaboration with others.

Facilitating Success

As a dean, my primary mission is to enable faculty and support staff to "do their jobs" by listening to their needs and enabling them to develop and utilize their skills as education professionals through careful planning, professional development, and commitment to continuous improvement. I am particularly interested in helping faculty explore new and innovative ways to strengthen and revitalize curricula and learning activities, including the use of new technology in teaching and learning. As part of this effort, I model the use of technology in various aspects of my professional work, for example by applying the eFolio to professional development as well as departmental program review.

Communication and Conflict Management

I also strive to emphasize and model the importance of acting and communicating with respect, compassion, and integrity. I have an open-door policy, welcoming students, faculty, and staff to stop in any time to express their concerns and share their ideas. I don't shy away from conflict. I manage about fifty student complaints each semester and a number of faculty concerns as well. My approach is to communicate openly, clearly, and respectfully, exploring ways to empower all parties to identify and implement acceptable solutions. I see conflict as a normal part of human interaction and as an opportunity to listen and consider other perspectives and explore new ways of collaborating and leading.

Continuous Improvement

I continuously seek ways to enhance my leadership skills, recognizing that leadership is often a humbling experience - and always a continuous learning experience. In Professional Development, I highlight my most recent leadership training.


In 2009-2010, I have also had the privilege of mentoring a participant in Lake Superior College's LSC Leaders program and two participants in the MnSCU Luoma Leadership Academy program. These mentoring relationships provide both parties rewarding opportunities to share and learn from each other.